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StarKode™ is the fusion of art and science to create a Morse code text message from starlight.  Astrophotographer Jimmy Westlake creates these one-of-a-kind images by combining the natural rotation of the Earth with a time exposure of the stars, interrupted to create the dots and dashes of a Morse code message.  No translation required ­ Morse code is an international language!

Looking for a unique gift? Why pay money to name an obscure star for your loved one? Now, you can commission Jimmy to create your own unique StarKode™ image and have the stars themselves flash out your personal message. You choose the message; you choose the star or planet. A personalized StarKode™ image will say that you cared enough to give the most unique gift in the universe! For more information on ordering your personalized StarKode™ image, contact Jimmy Westlake for a free consultation

Say it with starlight.  Say it with StarKode™.

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