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Jimmy is Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  He has been an avid stargazer since childhood and has enjoyed photographing the heavens for five decades.  His photographs have been seen worldwide on websites such as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, CNN.com and Spaceweather.com.  Now you can enjoy these pictures in your home or office, too.


Astrophotography by Jimmy Westlake

(Far left) "Jimmy's 2017 Cosmic Calendar - Shadows in Space" - features some of his best astrophotographs and is chock full of information about cool celestial events in the coming year! (Top) “VLA Polar Trails” - The rotation of the Earth created concentric arcs over an 80-foot dish of the Very Large Array of radio telescopes near Socorro, New Mexico. (Bottom right) - “The Christmas Star” - Venus sits atop this snow-covered spruce tree. (Bottom left) Right place, right time, right equipment, and a little luck. The "Ring of Fire" was almost perfectly centered behind this lone windmill near Sundown, Texas on May 20, 2012.

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